My Confessions as a Blogger

It’s a beautiful evening and My creative streak is on a roll, I would like to share some personal confessions of a Blogger so here goes…

The lies that are told about us, and don’t get me wrong there are a few individuals who do it for the free stuff! Some just give us a bad name.

Myths about Bloggers:

  • We all get free stuff 
  • We brand whores 
  • We con brands 
  • We steal content 
  • We backstab for the best opportunity 
  • We horrible people
  • We don’t have life’s 

The True Reality of Blogging:

  • We love brands and promote the ones we love and resonate with us, that’s what makes us authentic.
  • It’s involves a lot of time, networking, hours of writing and getting the right images which we take of our own.
  • Being authentic is really important, blogging for a purpose or passion.
  • Long hours, compiling the right content.
  • Not getting paid for most of what we do.
  • Subsistence costs.
  • Staying true to who you are and write only about what you love, as it shows when you know what you really are passionate about.

I love blogging and have been writing for almost 2 years on this platform, and I’m still here, the key to a successful blog is consistency, and a passion for what you do!

Creating original content is essential to becoming a successful blogger, learning to be patient with yourself and others.

Do you have a blog? 

I would love to hear from you. 

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  1. Sarah Shafni

    Well said! It’s easy for ppl to b judgemental but thy dont realise the hardwork n effort we put as bloggers. Thank u for this post!

  2. Anjana

    Thank you for this post. I love myths that you have mentioned. My near and dear think its a house wife pass time. Its great to put things in perspective…

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