Possessions vs people


Possessions VS people

Wow this has been an interesting journey thus far, it’s rather sad to see how many people treasure and value possessions over people they claim to love, sharing is the ultimate experience with those close to you, even those who are not close to you, when we truly learn to share everything with another that leaves us vulnerable.

Sadly we see how persons attach themselves to the material world and forget it’s all temporary.

We are all blessed with so much yet we feel if we teach or share this with someone they maybe better than we are at it, leads me to the observation that we are so shallow so selfish, why not empower someone to learn to grow, to be better, this is after all just a journey.

I wrote this based on something I experienced this week on a very personal level, share your life with those who will give you there last, don’t waste it on those who won’t.imageM

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