Spilling the beans on blogging

Blogging a term used loosely by many, and a rather misunderstood word to some, so here’s some insight into the world of blogging.

It’s been well over 3 years and it’s been a long journey, learning and growing, the most challenging of them was handing out my hard earned contacts to others who didn’t reciprocate, and them getting me kicked off certain PR lists, joining a syndicate that created a divide amongst creatives, many came with hidden agendas, as life had it I learned I was being used to promote brands for weeks on end with minimal pay and ended up being a minion of the owner of the social media syndicate, which still operates today, there is plenty for everyone, some are greedy and have a different perception of what you worth, you are worthy, there’s plenty of work to go around for all of us! We live in an abundant universe!

This did dampen my spirit and I realized there where many bloggers I couldn’t trust, I have since come a long way and many bloggers have got to know the real Person behind the blog and made an effort to know me, there are some amazing South African bloggers and I support those that are doing it for the right intentions, those that are passionate about brands they resonate with, writing and creating content and images, those that are willing to assist each other, spreading love not hate, those that are authentic and honest about there findings.

There are a handful of bloggers who would go out of there way to sabotage you, it’s happened to us, they went as far as getting us removed from media lists, and saying we moved to another province, some people are really insecure and would go to any length to create a bad impression of you, Remember it’s there insecurity, to counteract this it’s important who you associate yourself with, don’t trust just anyone in this industry!

Tips for bloggers:

  • Protect your contacts, share only with those who are willing to share with you.
  • Be honest about which brands resonate with you and your followers.
  • Don’t promote everything and anything if it doesn’t relate to you.
  • Ignore those who sabotage you in any way, what you give you receive, simple law of attraction.
  • Don’t talk badly about other bloggers, we all have a vision and allow others to follow there vision.
  • Support other bloggers, allow them to support you too.
  • Don’t believe everything you hear from others, get to know someone and then decide.
  • Keep creating content.
  • Take your own images this allows you to become more creative.
  • Be honest when writing reviews, if something was awful be honest, if it’s too bad rather don’t write about it.
  • Become selective on the events you attend.
  • Gratitude is the most powerful one of them all, thank the person inviting you to there event, or for sending you a press drop, a thank you can go a long way.

If you would love me to share more on spilling the beans on blogging, let me know, I would love to share more.

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  1. Catherine Trevor says:

    Thanks for sharing your views on blogging- it’s a tough world out there as a blogger and I agree we need to stand together and support one another, but there’s a lot of ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’, lying, bullshit nonsense, but if you can cut through that and not take it to heart(easier said than done), be true and authentic to yourself and readers then it doesn’t matter what other bloggers say or do. It’s the same in many freelance industries as each is out for themselves, but remain strong, kind, grateful and gracious- keep doing your beautiful blog and Happy day !! To life love and happiness!!

    1. NeetaR says:

      Thank you for the encouragement Cathy ?

  2. This so true and such a great post…. upcoming bloggers should be aware if this so called “syndicate” as this is one dangerous group where the leader looks out only for themselves and uses everyone else for their contacts and impressions. And adding them to the “syndicate” group kind of make them feel accepted. YOU ARE BEING USED PEOPLE!! USED

    1. NeetaR says:

      Thank you for the read, awareness is key.

  3. Bianca Balutto says:

    I feel you. We spoke about this before..the same thing is happening to us and we don’t know who and why as we hardly speak to anyone. This has also dampen my spirits which is why I often don’t feel like blogging these couple of months, it just seems that the people who are using others are just getting further and more recognition than the people who are working hard and doing it for the passion of it. A little off topic but just recently I attended an event alone and these group of bloggers who normally use to hang out with me stood right next to me and pretended not to see me..I don’t even know why..I feel like I can’t trust anyone. And I don’t know if bloggers will actually support other bloggers it has become more of a competition.

    1. NeetaR says:

      It’s time we love and support one another, here’s to many successful years of creating our journeys as creatives!

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