Spring Clean


Spring time is very much here, we 2 weeks into this glorious month, have you cleaned up?

why wait for a certain time of the year to clean up, there’s no excuse it’s warmer and it’s an opportunity to give back.

When we get into it we can clear away, donate or sell things that no longer serve us, it brings a great sense of good deeds on our part, our items maybe someone else’s treasure once we have outgrown them.

donate old books to your local library, this is a great way to give back, recycle items, sell items on Facebook groups or internet sites.

benefits of spring cleaning:

Calmer state of mind, de cluttered

ability to attract new possibilities as you have shifted the energy

more space, room to think clearly

clean new shelves, cupboards, space to create a new look

when last have you cleaned up and given your old goodies away?

Pick a day and clean up, make a difference in your space, clear your energy, ensure to use some  incense or a scented candle to clear the space, smells fresh once again.

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