The Craft Revolution Event 

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The Craft Revolution was held Saturday (yesterday) at the Silverstar Casino, this event consisted of Live music, beers and ciders galore, food.

The currency used at the event where Castros 1=R5 a book for R100 went a long way, an inovative way to spend your currency, safe for the vendors too, I am in favour of the currency booklets at events.

My dad and hubby sampled every stand till they found there favourite, Two Okes Brewery, by far the friendliest couple, guys behind the bar, was a pleasure chatting to them about there journey into brewing, currently have 4 popular beers, they vary from Pilsner to Irish ale, Stout, blonde. Natural ingredients is there secret to making a beer everyone loves.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most awesome bands Mark Beling band, they really had the crowd going wild, and even got me straining my vocal cords a bit.

Sxollie apple cider was a favourite for me, made using golden delicious apples, this was a winner with its crisp refreshing taste, Sowetan gold another cider that’s in a winning Leage.

The event was a roaring success, we where all given a tasting beer glass as we walked in, the only disappointment for me was the food selection, it was rather limited, for me being a pescitarian (person who eats fish and eggs) I do hope they will widen the food selection in future events.

Hollard demonstrated how to use a self breathalyser test, this was a brilliant concept, they where so generous in handing them out, very handy to keep in your car and handbag, it takes around 2 minutes to test yourself, this way you can be sure not to be over the limit.

The mainstream brewery company, had a friendly bunch of people working and entertaining there customers, they allowed me behind the counter to pour a beer and gave me a taste of there unique berry beer, it was delish as I am a huge berry fan.

It was certainly a great afternoon out, for pictures and more info show some love and add me on Twitter: @neetaraga

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  1. Happy Winkie

    How fun! I am new to the craft beer scene. I’ll have to keep an eye out for something like this!

  2. Wenchy

    Hello love,

    It was awesome to meet you in person on Saturday. What a beautiful soul!

    I am so happy you enjoyed the event and that I was able to brighten your day with tickets for your Dad. That part makes me extremely happy.

    Hope to see more of you!

    I wish you enough,

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