This post is titled vibes, well we constantly give off a certain vibe, how does our vibes affect us?

In this crazy world we meet hundreds of people every month, spend a lot of time in our workplaces with the same 3-5 persons or more depending on your office/work environment. How can we minimize our interaction with some people who have bad vibes, increase our time with those who share happy vibes.


We all belong to different ways of thinking and the vibes and energy we emit, negative persons flock together, positive people radiate to one another, either way we attract what and how we feeling at that moment in time, for some of us it’s always negative or positive.

We attract our tribe, by giving off a particular vibe, we attract what we feel, we are then drawn to a particular table or person or persons sitting together.

Is your vibe positive or negative, here’s how to tell:

Positive vibes – your thoughts are happy, clear, you tend to be more focused, you see the best in situations, you know how to relax and have fun.

Negative vibes – you find yourself complaining with others, depressed, sad more often than happy, look at all the things going wrong instead of all the things going right.

In order to increase your vibration and energy around you to a more uplifting vibe, here’s how:

Watch your thoughts carefully.

Pay attention to the words you speak, words have power to create our reality.

Smile more.

Use affirmations.

Focus on what makes you happy.
Share your views on this topic, which vibe do you choose?

Vibrate higher xxx

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