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It’s my birthday month, and I would love to share something special with my readers. I’m feeling generous as I have teamed up with Cadbury Glow, and am giving away a Cadbury Glow box (with 16 Luxurious Pralines) delivered to you, to share the birthday spirit!

Gift giving doesn’t have to break the bank, read below some tips on creating and managing the perfect gift.

Let Your Gift Cupboard Glow

To take the pressure out of gift giving, sort gifts by occasion, age group or even gender. An organised gift cupboard is easily accessible and helps balance your spending habits so that you don’t overlook anything or purchase something you already have.

Set aside a fixed amount of money, like 10% of your entertainment budget every month, and create a gifts fund. Target stores with items that are discounted from their retail value, stores with clearance sales, and look for the best deals throughout the year. Your list will be your guide to grab the best gifts whenever and wherever you feel it’s necessary.

There are gifts that are affordable, yet beautifully designed and packaged to complement all occasions. 

Cadbury Glow wrapped in delicious Cadbury chocolate with an indulgent chocolatey filling – is one of those ideal gifts that will leave your loved ones feeling appreciated, it’s a beautiful gift to receive.

Cadbury Glow, the perfect gift for any occasion, is available in stores nationwide in two sizes, the 160g with 16 pralines as well as the 240g with 24 pralines.

#GiveTheGlow #Loveartbyneeta

Here’s how to enter:

share your moment and comment below, what makes Cadbury Glow so special to you, remember to hashtag #GivetheGlow and #Loveartbyneeta.

Winner announced on Friday the 26th of October.

This competition is open to South African residents only.

This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. Karen

    I love to gift this when visiting friends

  2. Abdullah

    It’s extremely delicious and a perfect snack for when you’re in front of the tv #givetheglow #loveartbyneeta

  3. Carey-Anne Kerby

    Cadbury Glow has the amazing ability to make everything and I mean everything all better. The Best thou is to get a box of this deliciousness just for shits and giggles. #LoveTheGlow #GivetheGlow and #Loveartbyneeta.

  4. Denisha Moodley

    Cadbury Glow helps make your problems go away. The taste is absolutely sensational and always gives me something to look forward to after a long day! #GivetheGlow #LoveArtByNeeta

  5. Ingrid Clark

    #GiveTheGlow #Loveartbyneeta Hi, my name is Ingrid….. and I am a Glow addict! I can hide this box so nobody sees it’s glow ? Getting to throw away an empty box. …my biggest challenge!

  6. Debbie Parker

    #GiveTheGlow #Loveartbyneeta my mom shared her mothers day Glow stash with me…….I love mom for that.

  7. Ester Parker

    Being a gran means I always get some. Always shared with my grandkids #GiveTheGlow #Loveartbyneeta

  8. Niresha

    my son would loves these it is also his birthday month #GiveTheGlow #Loveartbyneeta

  9. Carey-Anne Kerby

    #GivetheGlow and #Loveartbyneeta. Cadburys Glow does just that. When you give a Glow and you see that person Glow with joy. This is my favourite birthday gift. #LoveGlow

  10. Nazeera

    #GiveTheGlow #Loveartbyneeta MY moment is def seeing my 3 year old son tuck in, the chocolate covered face (that chocolate filling is to die for) makes a moment to remember and laugh about. LOVE IT!

  11. lauren

    Cadbury Glow is so special to me because the fist time I ate it was when my beautiful labrador was still alive. She stole some out the box when I wasn’t looking at least she got to taste it too, it was actually given to me as a gift from a collegue at work Picture both of us on the couch eating it was special, reminds me of her. Every time I pass it in stores I think of her and that special moment. Also my birthday month happy brithday #GivetheGlow and #Loveartbyneeta

  12. ragmat Baron

    #GiveTheGlow #LoveArtByNeeta cadbury glow is special to me because it immediately lifts my mood when I open the box and get to taste the delicious taste of the chocolates

  13. Luronne Cachia

    My most special moment was when my partner asked me to be his girlfriend. He formed a huge heart out of my fav top deck choccies and arrived at my office holding this huge heart. As he gave it to me he said, you have my heart right from the start. Now every year on our anniversary we share a delicious Cadbury chocolate together it would be even more special to share a Cadbury glow with him ❤️ #GiveTheGlow #Loveartbyneeta

  14. Jestine Titus

    Cadbury is so special to me, it has always been part of my cheat day snacks. The best quality. #GiveTheGlow #LoveartbyNeeta

  15. Lynn Botha

    NO other chocolate.. and I really mean NO other chocolate tastes as good as Cadbury’s does… I’ve only had this once… and I had to share it…The box is so pretty… it makes any moment special 🙂 #GivetheGlow and #Loveartbyneeta

  16. Danian Timm

    It is simply the best!!!!! It makes me glow also!!!! #GiveTheGlow #Loveartbyneeta

  17. Love the packaging,Color,shape,the feeling of biting into a velvety Chocolate filling,taste of hazelnut #GivetheGlow #Loveartbyneeta ???????????????

  18. Kamilah Francis

    I treasure moments enjoying this gifted by my hubby #GiveTheGlow @#Loveartbyneeta

  19. Moni'Q

    I love adding Cadbury Glow pralines to gifts. It’s my favourite chocolate. In fact, i give gifts that i would’ve loved to have received.

  20. NeetaR

    Thank you to everyone who entered will be announcing the winner this morning on my Instagram stories.

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